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  • Pocahontas Boats

    History Bit: The Port of Pocahontas

    (Above, steamboats docked at the Port of Pocahontas, 1890’s.) The historic Port of Pocahontas, Overlook Park today, was a busy place between 1810 and the early 1900’s, when the railroad replaced the steamboats. It was a primary reason for the City being built here. Thanks to the …

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  • Cuffs

    Upland Slavery and Randolph County

    Recent historic research has revealed that Randolph County may have the dubious distinction as being the location where African-American slavery began in Arkansas. Agriculture above the subsistence level in Arkansas began not in the delta lands to our east but rather in the upland river …

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  • Lawrence County

    1820 and Territorial Randolph County

    When The Arkansas Territory was created in 1820, the first Territorial Legislature met at Arkansas Post.  The importance of Randolph County is shown in that the three most important offices of that first legislature, President, Secretary and Congressional Representative, were all residents of what’s now Randolph …

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