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Images From Great Eleven Point River Float

July 1, 2018
July 1, 2018

We had 116 people participate in our first “Great Eleven Point River Float”. We hope this event grows larger every year!

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Team Wild Hogs with 24 participants
  • J Team came in 2nd with 17
  • River Rats 3rd with 15

Thank you to all 116 participants. Thank you to Chuck and Kelly King and the King family for use of your water frontage for our departure! See you next year!

Here are some photos, compliments of Brian David Perry and Katie Perry. Thanks, folks!

Electric Car Chargers Ease Travel To Randolph County

March 26, 2016
March 26, 2016


Electric cars in general, and Tesla Motors in particular, have been in the news a lot lately. Many analysts are saying there will be huge numbers of these high-efficiency* vehicles on the roads within the next few years, with Tesla soon to release a long-range electric car priced at under $35,000 (and costing even less when the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars is added in). With this in mind, Lesmeister Guesthouse of Pocahontas has just installed electric vehicle chargers for use by Lesmeister guests.

For drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles, these new chargers make it easy to visit Randolph County while enjoying a free car charge. Before the chargers were installed, Tesla drivers could only get from Little Rock to St. Louis by driving far out of their way to utilize chargers in western Missouri or western Arkansas as they made a multi-day trip between the two cities. But travelers can now take the direct route, driving from Little Rock to Pocahontas, charging their car while they enjoy a night’s rest at Lesmeister Guesthouse, then driving on to St. Louis the next morning. A fully charged Tesla can easily reach St. Louis from Pocahontas.

ev-chargers-lesmeister-guesthouse-pocahontas-arkansas-usaIn addition to a Tesla high power wall charger, which delivers 80 amps of power to charge a Tesla automobile in less than 4 hours, The Lesmeister also installed a 30 amp “generic” charger that works on non-Tesla brand electric and hybrid vehicles such as the Chevy Volt, Ford Focus, Nissan LEAF, and Toyota Prius.

* It costs just about $4 in electricity to drive a Tesla from Pocahontas to St. Louis, much cheaper than gasoline. And Tesla has built a supercharger in St. Louis that’s free for Tesla owners to use. The Tesla supercharger can fully charge the car for its return trip home in about 40 minutes. Tesla has built a coast-to-coast network of superchargers, all within range of another supercharger, so Tesla owners can drive all over the country, free of charge, by going from supercharger to supercharger.

The Sky Was Falling In Pocahontas

November 11, 2015
November 11, 2015

Everybody who visits Pocahontas wants to see our famous meteorite!

In the fall of 1858, a bright light streaked across the skies of northeast Arkansas. This visitor from the heavens was the remains of a large meteor that had burned its way through Earth’s atmosphere. It’s fiery presence grew larger as it approached the City of Pocahontas. The meteor fell to Earth with a great explosion of fire and a great bang! It landed in a field just north of what’s today Black River Overlook Park, along the river bank just across Highway 67 from downtown Pocahontas.

The great stony meteorite remained where it fell for forty years, until the town’s railway station master, Oscar Keith, loaded the rock in a wagon and placed it in his front yard on Vance Street north of downtown, where it remained for over a half century. Unprotected, the stone lost over 2/3 of its size as souvenir hunters chipped off many pieces.

The meteorite was more recently moved to a spot on the Randolph County Courthouse lawn (the 1940, art-deco building adjacent to the town square, not the 1872 “old courthouse” in the center of the square). There it can be viewed today, surrounded by a wrought iron fence. The meteorite’s location is near the northeast corner of the courthouse lawn, at the bottom of the large stairway off Broadway Street.